Quakes and Shakes


3/16 Update: Alright… I feel like everyone’s freaking out. Until I get some solid scientific sources about the new reports on radiation levels and such, I am forming no opinions of my own. I’m usually pretty trusting of BBC but with this stuff, I want someone with a degree in radioactive isotopes or something.


By now, anyone that doesn’t live under a rock has heard about the goings on in Japan. To be honest, I don’t think the worst part was the earthquake or the tsunami. The aftermath of food, water, and energy (electricity and petrol) shortages in those areas is going to be the hardest and longest hurdle.

Since so many friends and family have been asking me questions about Japan and me and what in blue-blazes is going on, below is a sum up.

  1. I am still going. My town is far from the epicenter and hopefully I won’t have issues flying into Tokyo. If I do, we’ll deal with that when it happens. I will be contacting my contacts in Tokyo as my departure draws closer but right now, they have enough on their hands dealing with the poor ALT’s going to or are already living in those areas. Please pray for their safety. In addition, if allowed, I will be heading anywhere I can that needs help while over there. However, I have a feeling my company may advise to simply do my job so that it will help things continue to some sense of normalcy.
  2. The media is blowing a lot of smoke here in the states so please don’t just watch the news. Read a source that is at least slightly educated in how nuclear reactors work. My boyfriend found a very good blog post that has gotten attention for being effective at explaining what actually happened and why Japan is not in danger of having something like Chernobyl happen, ever. Please at least read the sum up at the end. It’s all much more complicated than many of the news videos I’ve been watching via abc and cnn. Let’s be real, news reporters are not scientists. And safe news is boring news.
  3. Yes, from what I understand there is one more quake on it’s way. The earth has to loosen a belt notch one more time before it can settle, I assume. No sense holding our breath on it though. Whatever happens, happens. Let’s just hope everyone comes out of it alive and well. It’s hard when you’re on the other side of the world and all you can do is sit and watch. If you do have the means to go help the efforts over there in some way, please do. Like I said, the worst is what comes after. But it’s also the best, right? People really come together and lift each other up. I have no doubt the Japanese will do just that.

Enough blabber from me. I’m mostly done work so I hope to have a couple more posts about my preparations before I leave in 2 weeks. And thank you to everyone that’s been concerned for me. I’ll be just fine ^__^

With love – M


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