Beyond the food, surpassing any accommodation, by far the most complex puzzle to be solved when entering Japan as a foreigner is travel. Let me explain.

When it comes to eating in Japan, it’s hard to go wrong. Street food, conbini’s, suupaa’s, and of course actual restaurants are all over the place (even in most of the boonies-type areas!). As for accommodations, one can stay anywhere in Japan for anywhere between free and hundreds of thousands of yen depending on several factors. See the associated pages for more details.

Though I’m a noob to all of the complexities of Japanese travel, and at this point HAVE NOT been there yet, I have done some considerable research pertaining to the areas that I will be traveling.

Firstly, there are several modes of transport available within Japan, much like in the States.

  1. Train – local, express, limited express, shinkansen
  2. Bus – local, long distance coach
  3. Car – rental, lease, lease to own, own
  4. Airplane
  5. Bike – moped (rent/own but not allowed on expressways unless it can keep above 50 kmph), bicycle, motorcycle

Other options like horse back, hitchhiking, and so on may exist but I haven’t found any information on those yet.


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