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Kanazawa wanderings


Exploring my nearest big city.

So much catching up to do! Sorry for being out of commission for a while but there was just too much going on. Between trips around Japan, flying home for vacation, and then settling back into the routine again once I got back to Japan… I needed some time. Now that I’m back at school, I have some time during my free periods to bring this blog up to speed.

At the top of my list is an old topic from over a month ago, back in July. A couple friends, Anna and Nicole, traveled with me to Kanazawa to walk the tourist path and then go to a party later in the evening. I won’t be able to go too in depth, my memory is that of a gnat. I think it’ll be best to just pick some key pictures and you can check the rest out in the full gallery if you like.

After making the hour and half trek from Nanao to Kanazawa, we begin our meanderings at the temple, the typical starting point I’m told. I thought it was pretty cool as far as temples go in Japan. Definitely very old. As clarification, temple=Buddhist and shrine=Shinto.

The stone symbol is from a ruler I don’t remember who felt compelled to place his mark every where during his reign. Just like an cat that’s not neutered. Imagine that.

The wooden hanging doo-dads with writing on them are prayers. Some were really funny like “I want to be 48 kg”. Anna even found one from one of her students.

Then of course there were lots of gardens around the temple. We followed a trail of them up to the castle, the next big point. There was construction so I’m sure it’ll be even more awesome next year.

We ended up not going inside but instead made our way to the big garden area to have some tea and treats by a waterfall/lake.

Ah a rare picture of me.

A nice stroll through the local contemporary art museum was next on the list. We went through everything that was free and peaked at the things that were not. Mucha’s stuff was there actually… :sigh: but I didn’t feel like coughing up the dough to walk through the exhibit by myself. Another time maybe.

The outdoor art was sweet. I love interactive, large contemporary art.

The pool was cool.

And a nice twilight shot as we left the museum.

And yellow Anna with her yellow cake after some pretty good pasta. Yum.

Next was resting and prepping for the party. It was good times but I has no pictures of myself or anyone. I’m terrible about remembering that sort of thing even when I put so much effort into my hair and makeup.

With love – M