Monthly Archives: April 2011

Pics and snip-its


Slowly but surely, I’m collecting my thoughts. It’s taken no small amount of effort to focus myself on these kinds of tasks. Being bombarded by so much ‘new’ can be quite disorienting. Now I can take a tiny step back and start to view my picture as a whole and to be frank, I like what I see.

The new photos page has some content on it now and I will add to it as frequently as I can. I hope the setup I’ve devised will work for now. It’s just much easier and faster to upload to Picasa web albums right now. If I delete any albums off of the photos page, don’t worry they will still exist in my picasa web albums page. I still need to get some shots of my cute little kei car and  my new little garden I’m growing. I’m afraid I’m not really allowed to take pictures of my schools… supposedly, nor can I even tell you where they are and so on. So I apologize in advance for taking any information off or not giving some that might be helpful. I think it’s a little silly but that’s what works for the company so I’ll do as they ask.

Dehli to Dublin has me in a groove write now so maybe I’ll give a small time line to start out. So many things to talk about it’s hard to know where to begin. There was the flight, Osaka, training, getting to apartment, first impressions on Nanao, shopping experiences, getting comfortable in the apartment, driving, the intricacies of the teacher’s room, school lunch, and finally the kids themselves and teaching English.

Real quick, about the flight. My Grandma and Nana came to see off, traveled from Virginia, and that was really nice and unexpected. I had planned out a small sleep adjustment regiment for the couple nights before leaving to help me get on Japan time. Surprisingly, it worked for the most part. I stayed up late on Thursday, a couple hours later on Friday and hardly slept at all Saturday night before my early flight Sunday morning. I actually was gonna get a couple more hours sleep that night… but had serious tummy issues. Likely just nerves. I flew from Philly to Chicago and then got on the ANA flight to Tokyo. My seat partners were two late teen Japanese dudes that were pleasant but weren’t comfortable enough with their English to really chat about stuff. However, it was still a good flight and the service was awesome. I never got hungry or thirsty cuz I was always being handed something to quench my needs from the attendants.  Everyone gets their own little TV’s with all sorts of shows and movies and games. But still, a 12 hour flight is 12 hours. I slept a little but mostly zoned out with movies and reading. Note to the wise: after getting off in Tokyo and through customs, it was very easy to get to the domestic ANA transfer flight area (I assume cuz my international flight was also ANA) and to cash my traveler’s checks. I didn’t have to think too much.

Enough for now, yah? Time for some food stuffs and more hanami-ing. Also gonna check out a crazy looking internet cafe on 159 called Freaks…