No Countdowns


I just don’t like countdowns. Something about it makes the days leading up to day zero less important. Right now, they’re more important. Saying good bye to family and friends. Figuring out how to part with me boyfriend and my pets. I guess I should be happy that my subconscious is more concerned with connections and relationships than material things.

Speaking of friends and family, I had 3 parties this weekend and one I didn’t know about until I showed up. It was good ^o^ very enjoyable. The best part about a party being a surprise is you don’t have to worry about any of the setup! The other best part of course is that you get to see people you really didn’t think you would. Not that I hadn’t been trying to see them. Everyone has busy lives, ’tis all. By day 3, I was absolutely exhausted. We’re talking bloated from food, tired from doing way more than normal for 3 straight days, and worn out from answering the same questions a ba-jillion times. But it’s all worth it. My Grandma and Nana are coming to see me off tomorrow (they’re about a 5 hour drive away) so I’m expecting less running around but more answering questions. Grandparents will be grandparents.

Note – I hadn’t been posting much to my busy state of being as well as waiting to check-in with my Osaka branch contact about still coming to work. All is well. She assures me that things are happening as planned and I have other reliable friends in the area who also tell me that the rest of Japan is unaffected, physically at least. Though I’m sure everyone who has connections with the area of the disaster has been affected emotionally. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a volunteer relief group that I can help in some way.

For anyone wanting to know where I am in relation to Fukushima power plant, see the previous post on placement. I’m in Nanao, 6 hours minimum or 250 miles minimum from the site.  Also, check out this article about keeping a reign in on all this sensationalism going on in the media. I have to admit, I’m kinda looking forward to a less crowded flight and airport. We shall see…

I know I had wanted to do a whole post on packing (I might do a follow up one after I get settled in Nanao) but here’s a sum-up of my plan. I have a monster bag I bought recently, Athalon I think, which separates into 2 bags for checking at the airport. International flights get 2 free checked bags with a 50 lb limit. Separating the bags helps keep them under the limit. I also have a small 20 inch carry on and my backpack. I compiled a list of items I want to take ages ago and had one pre-packing with an older bag. I highly recommend both a  list and pre-packing that list. I realized what things I really didn’t need (like lots of shoes… hey, I’m female) and what I needed more of such as work shirts. I’m likely going to have a full weeks worth of suit pants, a couple nice suit jackets, and 2 weeks worth of work shirts with assorted short-sleeve and long sleeve. Work stuffs is my biggest concern because I’m a bit curvy and I have a hard enough time finding shirts that fit in the States. Something else important to consider is bringing a couple items with sentimental or fun meaning (my items are a sweatshirt, a pair of heels, some corsets, and particular jewelry).

Today is a collect-items-for-the-kids day for me. Stickers, coins, photos, and so on. I’ll try to put another post together specifically about JET vs Interac but it may not get finished until after I’m in Japan.

With love – M


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    • Yeah, all is well. Just been super busy and so tired when I finally sit in front of my computer. The last thing on my mind has been blogging. I’m glad you still went, too^^.

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