The Oops and Recovery


Man oh man. There’s been a bit of back and forth on things so I was trying to wait for the dust to settle before I did another update. To be clear, not ‘bad’ back and forth, just… lots of decisions to be made. Some rearranging of my schools and also where I’ll be living. I will update with maps as soon as I have a more final answer/decision. The worst part is waiting for a reply. Gotta love that 14 hour time difference.

I had my not-so-official last day in the office this past Friday. Fortunately and unfortunately, since this isn’t really my job and I’ve pretty much taken on my bosses duties out of the goodness of my heart, I can drop the reigns at any point. But I won’t. I’m seeing all these loose ends through as far as I can see them. The last thing I want is for this program to suffer any just because I got tired and let some things slide. It’s not in my nature. But, come to an end it shall. I can’t really help anyone while on the other side of the world… well, maybe just some emails here and there… and some powerpoint presentations… and maybe some website stuff… GAH.

On to heavier things.

The Oops: The day I was going to mail my visa, I discovered my passport was missing from our family safe. On the night before I was going in to get my replacement passport, I discover my birth certificate is also missing. I officially have thieving gnomes that follow me around. Panic ensued.

And Recovery: After a few tears, I gathered my wits and sent off for my birth certificate. I wasn’t born here, in Delaware, so I had to request it from Orange County, Florida. I know, right? Just my luck. Surprisingly, I got it less than 3 business days after I ordered it using the credit card expedited method they recommended. Then I was off to get my passport replacement, which went off without a hitch. (Make sure you have all your paperwork in order BEFORE you go! Several people were having fits due to their own unpreparedness.) And today I picked up my passport, again just under 3 business day wait, and mailed it off to the Consulate in New York.

When I hold that visa in my hand, then I shall dance and scream SUCCESS.

For those of you out there who fear this scenario, and fear it you should, don’t be like me and wait to make sure that passport is where you think it is. Caress it each week until you send it off for your visa. But at least, in this sort of worst case event, all is not lost. Well, it was… but I made it reappear. Stay sharp, stay calm. As Tim Gunn says, make it work!

And now for some awesome.

With love – M


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