T-50 days and counting


Well… around 50 days. Whatever. It’ll be nice when I actually know my start date.

Excuse me, let me back up.

First, a little history: Back when I was a wee little tyke, I was exposed to lots of foreign art thanks to my grandparents. Two of them had traveled in Japan and the Philippines for the military following WWII. My subconscious became very fond of all things East Asian in nature and I would seek them out without realizing it. Historical art, crafts, food, candies, anime, kodo, whatever I could get my grubby little hands on. In highschool I heard about this magical little program that took kids out of college and flew them to the otherside of the world just to teach English in Japan. This program was/is the JET Program.

At the time, I was very much into art and had decided that was the direction I would head. I was ‘practical’ and did graphic design instead of fine art, however, thinking that somehow this would help me get to Japan. I honestly thought there was no way in hell I’d make into JET.

Along comes Elementary Japanese classes at a neighboring college my junior year. Tanaka-sensei was awesome. There are bad teachers, satisfactory teachers, good or great teachers, and then there are awesome teachers. She made this crazy reachable for me.  She advised me to apply for JET the following August. I was not in disbelief for very long. Instilling confidence was something she did very well.

I made it past the long process, past the interview stage and into the wretchedly painful “Alternate” basket. I waited and waited for that phone call or email in vain. But I am no mere schmuck to be put down after one attempt! Surely next time, I’m a sure-win! Surely not. Due to issues getting a doctors appointment late in the game, my application probably hit their doorstep right before they shut the doors and received little more than a skim read. Alas, that was enough for me. Time to move on into to real world.

Hark! What’s this? An old application I never finished with Interac back when I was weighing my options to get to Japan. Before, they were not at all appetizing but now… what the heck?! Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose. And I didn’t. I pwned that application for all it was worth. I got a call the very next day and was invited to their group interview in New York the following Saturday. ZING! I’ll discuss that process in a later post.

Weeks later, I was offered employment. Just recently I got my call about my placement and am currently awaiting my drop date. I feel like I’m in the aircorps or something.

I am PUMPED. Everyone’s saying they’re so happy and excited for me, excited to come visit me over there, and so on. I don’t think anyone’s as excited as I am. Achin’ for some adventure, I am. Not that I won’t miss home and everyone in it! Stop talkin’ crazy talk! But I don’t want to be 40 something down the road and SNAP one day because I never got this bug out of my system.

This has been the basic long lead up to the inception of this blog. As things progress I intend to throw in plenty of juicy links, information on applying, things to watch out for, situations I have avoided, people to make contact with, blah blah blah. Just pay attention and search for stuff in the side bar. I hope to have a photo page up with links to web albums and other things chronicling my adventures in the far east. Thanks for tuning in.

With love – M


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